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major-cross-200Harmonica Tunes is for people wanting to hear harmonica music and learn harmonica. My music features traditional tunes, my harmonica lessons show how they go. If you want to learn how to play harmonica, and find out how it works, this site is for you.

To learn (much) more about playing harmonica, check out the articles on this site.

My name is Tony Eyers. My music sounds like this.

This tune is fast, like many traditional tunes. To play this music, I developed a new harmonica tuning, called Major Cross. The Seydel harmonica company released a Major Cross model in 2017

Here is a 90 second preview of my latest album, “O’Carolan’s Harmonica”

You can hear the whole album at music.harmonicatunes.com

Learn how to play harmonica with online lessons

This site has free harmonica lessons, for beginners and experienced players, along with free harmonica tabs. These lessons and tabs come from Harmonica Academy, my harmonica teaching site. For the last 30 years I’ve worked as an IT educator, for the last 45 years I’ve been a harmonica player. I’ve combined these skills so others can learn how to play harmonica online.

I’m also the creator of the Aprender como tocar armonica, Armonica, Recorder Music, Recorder Notes and Spanish Blues sites.

Harmonica music and blues…

Most people associate harmonica with blues. Here is an example.

That’s me on vocals and harmonica, playing with my band “The Fifties”. Please excuse the beer bottle which snuck into the shoot.. And Click here for more harmonica music.

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