Black Mountain Harmonica

This CD features Bluegrass and Irish fiddle tunes, played on diatonic harmonicas. These instruments use the tuning which I developed for this style, and were prepared by the Australian maker Neil Graham. The CD was recorded at the studio of my brother Quentin Eyers, in Adelaide, Australia. Quentin also played guitar, bass and percussion, John Bridgland played guitar and mandolin, and Darren Mullen played piano.

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Tunes on the CD

1) Billy in the Lowground

2) Girl I Left Behind
3) Drowsy Maggie/Merry Blacksmith/Crowley’s Reel

4) Hewlett
5) Black Mountain Rag
6) Kesh Jig/Morrison’s Jig/Legacy Jig
7) George Brabazon’s Second Air

8) Stoney Point
9) Tom’s Creek
10) Alabama Jubilee
11) Miss McCleod’s Reel/Dunmore Lassies/Morning Star
12) Erin’s Shore
13) Whiskey Before Breakfast