Tony Eyers

Harmonica player, renowned world wide as a master of American and Irish traditional tunes.

Like “Katherine O’More”

Or “Young William Plunkett”, a little slower

Four times a judge at the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival, and a well known teacher through his Harmonica Academy site.

In 2017 the Seydel harmonica company released a model featuring his Major Cross tuning, developed for traditional music.

Based in Australia, Tony has played at major festivals throughout Asia and the US.

His latest album, “O’Carolan’s Harmonica” features tunes by the famous 18th century Irish composer O’Carolan, along with traditional American fiddle tunes.

“The harmonica playing is highly accomplished, with great taste applied to the traditional genre” Neil Warren, Harmonica UK Magazine.

Full bio is here


"O'Carolan'a Harmonica" in 90 seconds"