Harmonica Lessons

Free Harmonica Lessons

Marine_Band_Deluxe_IHere are some free harmonica lessons from my Harmonica Academy teaching site. These lessons are designed for beginners through to advanced players, and provide a structured approach to learning harmonica, without confusing details

If you’ve never held a harmonica before, then here is your first harmonica lesson.

Try it, you will be playing within 5 minutes. All you need is a harmonica in the key of C.

We provide many free harmonica tabs and teach you how to read them in one of the beginners harmonica lessons.

Then we teach your first harmonica tune. The tune continues with this harmonica lesson.

Free blues harmonica lessons

Then move to your first blues harmonica lesson.

An intermediate blues harmonica lesson is here.

We teach you how to bend notes and build strong blues solos. We then teach advanced blues techniques.

For experienced players try this lesson, which teaches the blues scale on harmonica, and this one on 3rd position blues.

Much of the music one this site features traditional bluegrass and Irish tunes, rather than blues. Different techniques are needed for this music, to free you from habits which might slow you down.

To develop these techniques, the Harmonica Academy lessons provide exercises, which experienced players may find challenging to begin with. Try the 1st position harmonica exercises in this lesson. Then, to build speed, try the faster harmonica exercises in this lesson.

The insights gained through recording can improve your playing dramatically. If you have not yet tried recording, look at Audacity, an excellent free computer based recording package.

Putting Harmonica Academy together taught me an enormous amount. The course is useful to any wishing to know more about the harmonica. Join the Harmonica Academy community, and share your experience with us.

Look at the harmonica course at a glance page for more details.