Bluegrass Repertoire

Bluegrass Tunes – the essential bluegrass fiddle tune repertoire

Bluegrass was invented in the US, more or less, and is played around the world. Vocal harmonies lie at the heart of bluegrass, along with a core set of bluegrass fiddle tunes. The 50 tunes listed below will be known (mostly) by good bluegrass players everywhere. Learning them will take a long time.. but all the good players have put in a similar effort to build their repertoires. Tabs (and audio) for some of the tunes are at Harmonica Academy, other good resources are Steve Kaufman’s 4 hour bluegrass workout at Homespun Tapes and

Here are the Tunes

Alabama Jubilee Angeline the Baker Arkansas Traveller Beaumont Rag Big Mon Big Sciota Big Sandy River Bill Cheatum Billy in the Lowground Black Mountain Rag Blackberry Blossom Boston Boy Cherokee Shuffle Clinch Mountain Backstep Cripple Creek Devil’s Dream Dixie Hoedown Eighth of January Fishers Hornpipe Flop Eared Mule Flowers of Edinburgh Forked Deer Girl I left Behind Goldrush Hell Amongst the Yearlings

Jerusalem Ridge June Apple Katie Hill Liberty Miss McCleod’s Reel Monroe’s Hornpipe New Camptown Races Old Joe Clark Over the Waterfall Ragtime Annie Red Haired Boy Red Wing Roanoke Sail Away Ladies Sally Ann Sally Goodun Salt Creek Shady Grove Soldiers Joy St Annes Reel Stoney Point Temperance Reel Texas Gales Whiskey Before Breakfast Wildwood Flower