Harmonica in China

Teaching Harmonica to 80000 People in China…

kouqin_logoIn 2006, I was working at Zhengzhou University, in Henan Province, China. The Chinese undergraduates were very interested in Western music, but appeared to have few learning resources. This led to the development of Harmonica University.

I wrote the web site (in English), then engaged Shiwee, a very capable post graduate engineering student at Zhengzhou University to provide Chinese translation and webmastering. The initial Harmonica University site was released in mid 2006.

The site is at www.kouqin.com.cn. Kouqin is the Chinese pinyin word for harmonica.

The site has become very popular with Chinese people wishing to learn harmonica, and now has more than 80000 members. The logo, created by Shiwee, is shown above. The literal translation of the Chinese characters is "Mouth instrument grass house". It turns out that this is an accurate translation of "Harmonica University"